Future is built by the past.

NPO PMP Ventilacia was founded in 1991. Over the past decades our company realized a great number of projects with the help of old Soviet engineering traditions and our wide experience accumulated over the years of high quality work.

The influx of extraordinarily talented young recruits helped us bring our skills in design and realization of modern engineering systems to a world level.

In 2006, our company built and started its own production facility. There, we store, pack and check all of the products we later deliver to building sites to be mounted.

Since 2010 our company has been working with large and complex projects. The large-scale work and tight deadlines required us to completely restructure our company to perfect the communication between all of the departments. It was a difficult step in the development of NPO PMP Ventilacia, but we took it with integrity.

In 2013 our production facility started forming into a full-time factory equipped to satisfy the growing market in design, construction and production of various elements of industrial engineering systems.

In 2016 we fully renewed all of the production machinery and significantly improved production, storage and transportation logistics.

In 2017 we began the construction of a second factory building specifically designed for production of heavy and large-scale elements of complex industrial engineering systems.

The backbone of our company consists of highly qualified constructors, technologists and engineers specialized in the field of industrial engineering.

Our company designs, constructs and produces industrial engineering systems for buildings varying from shopping malls to highly-technological top-of-the-line factories.